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ISIJ International submissions FAQ

Q1. How long is the period between article submission and acceptance?

A1. Approximately 56 days on average.

Q2. How long is the period between article acceptance and publication?

A2. Three and a half months on average.

Q3. Is the publication medium a hard-copy journal?

A3. A hard-copy journal is published; in addition, an e-journal is also posted on the J-STAGE platform. The e-journal is available in pdf and html formats, free of charge.

Q4. The answer to Q2 implies a long wait for publication. Is there another method?

A4. If you use the e-journal advance publication system, advance publication will be posted approximately 30 days after acceptance.

Q5. After an article is accepted, when is the first galley proof sent to the author?

A5. It is usually sent by the printer at latest one month prior to the publication of the hard-copy journal.

Q6. Is there a template for submissions?

A6. There is currently no template. Please prepare a manuscript according to the writing guidelines to enable a smooth review process.

Q7. How much is the publication fee?

A7. The publication fee is 9,300 yen per printed page. The author(s) must agree to pay the publication fee at the time of submission. Until 2019, the advance publication fee is 3,200 yen per article, after which it will be revised to 4,700 yen per article.

Q8. How is copyright handled?

A8. Copyright (all rights provided in Articles 21-28 of the Copyright Law of Japan) of published articles is transferred to the Institute on signing of the relevant form by the author(s). However, the transfer of copyright will become null and void if the article is not accepted.