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ISIJ International, Special Issue on “Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry”

 EMECR2017 (Third International Conference on Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry) International Conference, meeting the first time in 2011 (EECR: Germany), meeting the second time in 2014 (ESEC2014 UK), the first It was held as a three- time conference and it was a fresh and active meeting.
 The theme relates to environmental technologies (reduction of greenhouse gas ( CO 2 ) emissions, manufacturing technology, energy efficiency, material efficiency, social science, etc.) in the steel industry, around the steel industry, and derivative technologies that Japan is good at.
 At the conference, discussions will be held on improving energy efficiency in the steel industry , reducing greenhouse gas ( CO2 ) emissions, and reducing environmental burden by extending the life of steel products. At the conference, representatives of steel and environment-related engineers and researchers report the technologies of each country, trends of research, latest research results, as well as holding reception and banquet for the purpose of revitalizing human exchange, Enhancement of relationships among engineers and researchers in improving efficiency of work and reducing environmental burden was aimed at. It should be noted that the present meeting, in which the world Steel Association is sponsored by rotating basis, there success of the 2017 conference, also successful, already 4th Brazil in 2020 , 5th in 2023 in Italy, 6th in 2026 China has decided, thinking that the significance of issuing special issue as its foundation is great.