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Production and Fabrication:Process and Equipment

agglomeration coking
continuous casting cooling
direct reduction drawing
forging forming
foundry heat treatment
heating hot metal treatment
ingot making ironmaking
painting powder metallurgy
press forming protective coating
rolling secondary steelmaking
steelmaking thermo-mechanical treatment

Materials and Products

alloying element bar and rod
carbon steel cast iron
castings ceramics
coal coke
cold rolled product composite material
electrical steel ferroalloy
forgings fuel
high carbon steel high strength low alloy steel
hot rolled product iron ore
low alloy steel low carbon steel
medium carbon steel nonferrous metal
plate precoated product
refractory semi-finished steel
shapes slag
stainless steel steel for elevated temperature service
steel for low temperature service structural steel
superalloy titanium base alloy
tool steel tubular product
ultrahigh strength steel welded tubular product

Metallurgy and Metallography

crystal plasticity crystal structure
diffusion grain boundary
grain size inclusion
interface ladle metallurgy
lattice defect metallography
metallurgical constituent microscopy
phase diagram phase transformation
physical chemistry plastic deformation
precipitation recrystallization
segregation solid solution
solidification texture

Property and Service Characteristics

chemical property corrosion
corrosion resistance creep
ductility fatigue
formability fracture
hardenability machinability
oxidation physical property
strength toughness
wear weldability

Instrumentation,Testing,Chemical Analysis and Management

automation computer
economy element analysis
energy environmental control
lubrication maintenance
mechanical testing modelling
nondestructive inspection phase analysis
process control production control
quality control sampling
sensor separation
simulation surface analysis