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The journal ISIJ International first appeared in 1961 under the title Tetsu-to-Hagané Overseas. The title was changed in 1966 to Transactions of The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan and again in 1989 to the current ISIJ International.

This journal published in English is a collection of the papers contributed not only by members but also by researchers in Japan and abroad, and also contains review articles written at the request of the Editorial Board. Editing is done by both the domestic Editorial Board and an international Advisory Board composed of distinguished research authorities abroad. Popular topics and papers presented at the international conferences sponsored by ISIJ are featured.

ISIJ International site Japanese version is here.


The journal provides an international medium for the publication of fundamental and technological aspects of the properties, structure, characterization and modeling, processing, fabrication, and environmental issues of iron and steel, along with related engineering materials.


I Fundamentals of High Temperature Processes
II Ironmaking
III Steelmaking
IV Casting and Solidification
V Instrumentation, Control, and System Engineering
VI Chemical and Physical Analysis
VII Forming Processing and Thermomechanical Treatment
VIII Welding and Joining
IX Surface Treatment and Corrosion
X Transformations and Microstructures
XI Mechanical Properties
XII Physical Properties
XIII New Materials and Processes
XIV Social and Environmental Engineering

Regular Articles (within 10 printed pages as a general rule)

An original article documenting significant results that contribute to the extension of knowledge and promotion of our understanding, and that is presented in such a way that qualified workers can replicate the key elements on the basis of the information provided.

Review Articles

An article about an extensive survey on one particular subject, in which the already published information is compiled, analyzed, and discussed. Reviews are normally delegated, but voluntary proposal of a review topic(s) by a prospective author(s) is welcome.

Notes (maximum of three printed pages)

(a) An article on a new finding or an interesting aspect of an ongoing study that merits prompt preliminary publication in condensed form; (b) a medium for the presentation of new research and techniques; (c) topics, opinions, or proposals that would be of interest to the readers; and (d) criticisms or additional proofs and interpretations in connection with articles previously published in the institute journals. Once a manuscript has been submitted, the category cannot be changed. Even if there is agreement from the Editorial Board that the category should be changed, the manuscript must be re-submitted in the new category.

Publication Fee (Page Charge)

Per printed page: 9,300yen

Color Printing Cost (Color Charge)

Authors will pay the cost of color printing for the printed journal.
Cost per printed page: 32,408yen

Advance Publication Fees

For one manuscript: 4,700yen
However, for the English-language journal ISIJ International, an exemption will be made until 2019 by the research fund on "International Information Dissemination Promotion" supported by KAKENHI*.
 2015-16: 2,400yen / one manuscript
 2017-19: 3,200yen / one manuscript
 2020 and beyond: 4,700yen / one manuscript

*KAKENHI: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Price list for reprints 2014/04/01
(Japanese Yen)
Printed pages 50 reprints 100 reprints 150 reprints 200 reprints
1-2 4,800 6,700 8,600 10,500
3-4 5,800 7,700 10,500 12,400
5-6 5,800 8,600 11,500 13,400
7-8 6,700 9,600 12,400 15,300
9-10 6,700 10,500 13,400 17,200
11-12 7,700 10,500 15,300 19,100
13-14 7,700 11,500 16,200 21,000
15-16 7,700 12,400 17,200 22,000

Prices include surface mail rates.
Airmail service is available with additional charge upon request. Bank charge should be born by the remitter.

Editorial Board
Jun Yanagimoto
The University of Tokyo

Greeting from Editor-in-Chief:
Welcome to ISIJ International World!
The journal ISIJ International collects first-class refereed papers from all over the world to provide an international medium for the publication of fundamental and technological aspects of processing and products of iron and steel, along with related engineering materials. There are twelve issues per year, and currently each issue contains Regular Articles, Review Articles, and Notes.
Special Issues/Special Topics are also organized according to proposals from the Institute’s members after approval by the Editorial Board. All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review by anonymous referees if found suitable for further consideration by the Editor. The journal maintains high standards of publishing ethics with strict processes in place, where Similarity Check is also conducted.
We highly recommend that you publish your latest excellent research in ISIJ International to spread all over the world. Also, please enjoy “Free Access” to all of ISIJ International’s articles.

Deputy Editors-in-Chief
Hideki Ono
University of Toyama
Deputy Editors-in-Chief
Ryuji Uemori
Kyushu University
Associate Editors

Koichi Chiba (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Hideaki Furumoto (Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University)
Yasuyuki Hayakawa (JFE Steel Corp.)
Miyuki Hayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yoshihiko Higuchi (College of Industrial Technology)
Koji Kajikawa (The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.)
Yoshiaki Kashiwaya (Kyoto University)
Tomoya Kawabata (The University of Tokyo)
Yuuji Kimura (National Institute for Materials Science)
Yoshinao Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Joonho Lee (Korea University)
Takahiro Miki (Tohoku University)
Seiji Nomura (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Mitsuhiro Numata (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Ko-ichiro Ohno (Kyushu University)
Ikuo Ohnuma (National Institute for Materials Science)
Takayuki Otsuka (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Takeshi Sato (JFE Steel Corp.)
Hiroyuki Shibata (Tohoku University)
Hiroyasu Shigemori (JFE Steel Corp.)
Hiromasa Shoji (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Masahiro Susa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)※Adviser
Noriyuki Tsuchida (University of Hyogo)
Jian Yang (Shanghai University)

Expert Members

Kiyoshi Fukada (JFE Steel Corp.)
Takayuki Hama (Kyoto University)
Daisuke Hirakami (Nippon Steel)
Atsushi Ishii (Nippon Steel)
Akito Kasai (Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
Hideki Katayama (National Institute for Materials Science)
Ryo Kawabata (JFE Steel Corp.)
Hirokazu Konishi (Osaka University)
Hironari Kubo (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)
Shinsuke Kunimura (Tokyo University of Science)
Hiroyuki Matsuura (The University of Tokyo)
Masaru Miyake (JFE Steel Corp.)
Goro Miyamoto (Tohoku University)
Kenichi Nakajima (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Junji Nakajima (Nishinippon Institute of Technology)
Nobuo Nakada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Shungo Natsui (Tohoku University)
Tunehisa Nishimura (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Masahiro Ohara (Ehime University)
Munekazu Ohno (Hokkaido University)
Riki Okamoto (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Noritaka Saito (Kyushu University)
Naoto Sasaki (Nippon Steel Corp.)
Kota Sawada (National Institute for Materials Science)
Masanori Suzuki (Osaka University)
Sohei Sukenaga (Tohoku University)
Shoichiro Taira (JFE Steel Corp.)
Naoki Takata (Nagoya University)
Takao Terano (Chiba University of Commerce)
Yoshikazu Todaka (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Ippei Torigoe (Kumamoto University)
Naoto Tsubouchi (Hokkaido University)
Koichi Tsutsumi (JFE Steel Corp.)
Nobuo Uehara (Utsunomiya University)
Katsumi Yamada (JFE Steel Corp.)
Tetsuya Yamamoto (JFE Steel Corp.)
Akira Yanagida (Tokyo Denki University)
Tomoyuki Yokota (JFE Steel Corp.)

Advisory Board

John Ågren (Royal Institute of Technology)
Timo Fabritus (University of Oulu)
Roderick I. L. Guthrie (McGill University)
John Hald (Technincal University of Denmark)
Christopher Hutchinson (Monash University)
Pär Jönsson (Royal Institute of Technology)
Yannis P. Korkolis (The Ohio State University)
Liming Lu (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
Joseph R. Mcdermid (McMaster University)
Matthias Militzer (The University of British Columbia)
Pierre Monmitonnet (Mines ParisTech)
Joo Hyun Park (Hanyang University)
Srinivasa Ranganathan (National Institute of Advanced Studies)
Johannes Schenk (Montanuniversität Leoben)
John G. Speer (Colorado School of Mines)
Jan van der Stel (Tata Steel Research)
Cem Tasan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Brian G. Thomas (University of Illinois)
Shengli Wu (University of Science and Technology Beijing)
Zhi-Gang Yang (Tsinghua University)
Jianliang Zhang (University of Science and Technology Beijing)