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The papers of "ISIJ International" from 1989 (Vol. 29 No.1) to the present can be viewed at J-STAGE.
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Index (Vol.1 to 20) and the papers(Vol.21 to 28) of "Transactions of the Iron and Steel institute of Japan" can be browsed.
* " Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan" is the predecessor of "ISIJ International".
Steel Science Portal is a website for accessing the latest information about steel-related technology.
The site provides a cross-search function for accessing treatises in the field of steel technology, a database of report abstracts from the main steel and steel-related journals, links to the principle journals and steel company technical reports, and links to steel-related news and topics.
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It is a bibliographic information database including graphical abstracts of the journals “ISIJ International” and “Tetsu-to-Hagané.”
Information from 2016 is included. From now on, we will also add previous data.
“GridList” is a composite word of “grid” and “list.” The word is inspired by a feature of a list able to be switched between grid display and list display, or displayed in a grid form.
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